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I look forward to my petite dose de français every morning. You do an outstanding job of making the news fun to read and it helps me keep up my reading skills in French as well. Merci mille fois!Kevin S.California

News in French is comprehensible to all levels, and provides great jumping-off points for discussions. I love the variety, pertinence to students, and the music links/ideas!Louise P.New Hampshire

News in French is wonderful, accessible but still pushes you to learn new vocab and new phrases. And on top of that, informs you on the interesting stuff going on in France!Katherine M.H.England

News in French is very good! I’m studying French at the moment — it helps me learn new words and it also keeps me up to date with current affairs.Antonia G.Ireland

I particularly love the daily song suggestions! News in French has been a valuable resource for me to get up to date with French news while practicing my French. Merci beaucoup.Katrina A.Japan

News in French has been a great way to introduce current events to my intro classes. I like the pop-up translations — they’re so convenient! Erin D.Pennsylvania