Max Lalanne, founder of News in French

The author of the newsletter, graduating from Tufts University.

Hey, my name is Max Lalanne, and I’m the founder and writer of News in French. I started writing the daily newsletter in the summer of 2018, but the concept had been brewing in my mind for several years before. As a media junkie who likes to stay informed of current affairs, and who is always trying to improve his French, I was reading Le Monde articles as a kid, getting very confused, and thinking to myself, There has to be an easier way to keep up with the news and learn French at the same time. 

Hence, News in French. The mission of the daily newsletter is to help you start your day with a little français, right in your inbox. Written in a fun and casual style, News in French helps learners of all ages keep up with the day’s most interesting stories, all in French, as well as a plethora of other entertaining or useful resources. My audience includes high school & college teachers, students, and everyone else — see what readers have to say.

Daily issues are sent out around 7:30am EST every weekday and published here on the website with additional educational features.

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