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You already do your best to catch up on what's happening in the world before the hustle of class or work. And you're trying to learn a little more French every day. Why not combine the two? News in French is sent out every weekday at 7:30AM, making it a simple and intuitive way to start your morning off strong.


Don't have the time or energy to tackle that intimidating Le Monde article? News in French's casual writing style and bite-sized summaries will get you up to speed, stress-free. (And help you ace that presentation in class.)


Kickstart conversation and keep students engaged with fun features and relevant topics. News in French is carefully curated to be appropriate for high school and above, proving to be invaluable resource both inside and outside the classroom.

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Whether you binge The Office with French subtitles or try to fit in a daily Duolingo session during your lunch break, News in French will help gain newfound understanding of the language in a practical, time-saving way.

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Not big on email? News in French is also posted online! And with additional educational features on our website, you won't be left scratching your head when encountering unfamiliar vocabulary. Just click or hover over the highlighted text to learn key words and phrases from the day's issue.

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